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We’ve all had those calls. Something simple. A location. Directions. Hours of operation. Why spend long hours on hold waiting a live service rep when the information can be passed easily by a self-service voice? Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a streamlined solution to a common problem. Save the voices and time live customer service reps spend on the phone. Arise can provide a secure IVR platform customised to your brand’s unique voice. Your callers will also have the immediate option of exiting “phone jail” and speaking to a live service representative at the touch of a button. No hold times and immediate assistance if needed? That’s the Arise platform.

Arise Interactive Voice Response Features

The Arise Virtual Assistant (AVA) employs a conversational, natural language that can be customised to your brand voice, and is able to provide basic answers to customer issues without engaging a live service professional.  

Manage Sensitive Data Securely:

Our secure environment carries the highest standard in credit card processing (level 1 PCI certification) and is HIPAA compliant. This  allows interactive voice response to collect and verify sensitive information like social security and credit card numbers without a live service professional.

Efficient Call Routing, Superior Customer Experience:

Our dedicated support team works with your company to understand your particular needs. We tailor an IVR design to guarantee the most efficient call routing to resolve your customers’ needs on their first contact.

Identity Verification

Save time when it comes to reaching a live service professional with ID verification. Arise’s secure IVR can help capture NACSZ and other basic information. This expedites the process, so that when it comes time to speak to one of call centers in the Arise network, all the information is at hand. Faster info. Faster problem solving. Happier customer. 

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