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Arise is a global platform for on-demand customer service management and a pioneer of crowdsourced business process outsourcing. Our 100% onshore, virtual platform allows you to best match your specific needs, enabling unparalleled flexibility for your company to grow while improving customer satisfaction and lowering costs. Using the Arise platform lowers your Total Cost of Ownership with a higher level of productivity, the flexibility and efficiency of crowdsourcing, and the ability to mirror business needs on-demand on a daily basis.

85%. That’s Arise average network utilisation (how much time is spent directly with customers) when engaged with clients. The industry average is 65%. The Arise platform is inherently more efficient, and that translates into significant cost savings for you. In fact, in most cases Arise saves clients 25% over traditional customer service solutions.

Everything You Need to Succeed

By leveraging a network of tens of thousands of certified small independent call center businesses, the Arise platform allows your company to reduce your total cost of customer care by paying for what you need when you need it. Traditional call centers are limited by two things: Geographical boundaries and limited resources.

Using the Arise platform, there are no geographical boundaries when it comes to serving your clients. That lowers cost. It no longer matters where your business is located. The Arise platform levels the playing field. Independent customer service specialists certified to your brand can live anywhere. Experts come to you. Using the Arise platform will lower your Total Cost of Ownership, with the flexibility and efficiency of crowdsourcing and the ability to mirror business needs on-demand on a daily basis.  

GET RESULTS With Arise ThE PLatform:

  • Higher customer satisfaction. Better results while lowering total cost.  
  • Access to local resources with language skills, similar accents and culture greatly assist client communications so that issues are clearly understood the first time and resolved faster.
  • Independent micro call centers have a vested and direct financial interest in providing the best service possible.
  • Flexibility to schedule around call volume patterns as well as manage the inevitable and unpredictable spikes.

Discover True Value

Arise works with multiple FTSE 250 and other blue-chip organisations clients to enable a superior customer experience. Download our brochure on Total Cost of Ownership to learn more about how Arise clients lower their customer care costs.

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