The Arise Platform for Insurance:
Ensuring a Quality Customer & Member Experience

Your Customer’s Experience is Our Top Priority

Insurance Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions on the Arise Platform

Today’s insurance customers are more empowered and knowledgeable than ever before. With information from online data aggregators like the Zebra and the ability to get quotes and do research with a mere Google search or tap of an app, a bad customer experience with your brand can easily send customers to one of your many competitors. As such, insurance contact center operations must provide a superior customer experience in every interaction table stakes for doing business.

Arise has developed a multi-faceted platform-as-a-service to help companies leap over the hurdles large organizations with legacy systems, like insurers, face in making the digital transformation.  Our platform is your ideal solution for disrupting your contact center, workforce management, and e-learning / training functions.

The Insurance Customer Experience:
Primed for Disruption

With insurance being one of the world’s largest and mature industries with so much inertia behind the “way it’s always been done", things are slow to change. Legacy systems built 20 years ago to make brokers’ lives easier are now outdated and clunky – headaches to maintain and roadblocks to innovation.  Looking at customer satisfaction ratings for insurance compared to other industries, it’s clear the industry is underperforming and not keeping up. 

In 2016, the 3 major insurance segments all rated at or below the median industry benchmark according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

Moreover, since the ACSI started recorded data more than 20 years ago, property and casualty and life segments have both decreased in customer satisfaction and while health is improving it still ranks below the 25th percentile of all industries.

When you juxtapose the technology reality with customer expectation of a frictionless experience from their carrier, that is, one that is easy to conduct research, get a quote, bind, and manage, there’s a major mismatch between what customers want and what carriers are delivering.

Make The Digital Transformation Leap with Arise's Platform

Leveraging Arise’s cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) will help uberfy your organization putting you ahead of the digital transformation curve offering significant differentiation and competitive advantage against the competition.

As an outsourced contact center solution, Arise’s PaaS ensures you have a 100% onshore, scalable, on-demand network of resources ready to serve your customers, and we don’t stop there. Our technology and performance enabling processes that comprise our Starmatic™ Schedule Management Service, e-learning, and other platform components provide the turn-key solutions to disrupt many of your back office functions enabling you to streamline processes, cut costs, and enhance security protocols.

The Arise Competitive Advantage for Insurance

Arise's PaaS offers numerous benefits to a wide variety of business functions in the insurance industry through our multi-faceted approach combining cutting-edge technology, access to networks, and performance enhancing processes.  Discover our platform's impact to organizational agility, quality customer experience, data security, technology, corporate sustainability efforts and more.

Streamline Your Back Office Processes:

Leverage Arise's Technology & Performance Enhancing Best Practices

Need more than a contact center solution? The Arise platform provides many other capabilities designed to completely transform your back office processes putting you on the cutting edge saving you the time of building them out internally. The systems and processes of Arise's PaaS facilitate:

Resource Scheduling and Management

Arise’s Starmatic™ Schedule Management Service facilitates flexible resource deployment providing scheduling outlook built for 30-minute intervals, not just block scheduling in incumbent solutions.  Starmatic also provides tools to manage agent, adjuster and other resources ensuring operations have the required number of  professionals, by licensure type and location, staffed ready to meet customer demand.  

Starmatic's built in performance management functions allow you to incentivize strong performance on the metrics that matter to you by allowing resources preferential scheduling and other perks. 

On-Demand E-Learning

"Arise University," our on-demand virtual learning environment, provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to traditional agent / employee training. Leveraging BlackBoard's interface with enhanced browser capabilities, our integrations team will help transform your classroom curriculum into virtual learning modules and provide the scheduling, templates, and instructor support needed to manage learning.


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