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11.05.18 | blog

5 CX Protocols to Increase Sales on Cyber Monday

If you aren’t already preparing for Cyber Monday, then you really should be. The Cyber Monday crowd is a great chance for online shops to make money. In 2017, over $6.5 billion was spent online in the US on Cyber Monday with mobile sales alone making up $2 billion. Here are the steps you should be taking to make sure you take advantage of the surge, are ready to handle the traffic and can provide a good customer experience.

1. Get Your Reps Ready

Start preparing your employees to be customer friendly and ready for a potential surge in traffic.

Make Special Notes on Your Advertised Products

If you’ve been marketing a deal, have it ready to go for your customers and make sure your customer service fully understands the ins and outs of all deals. You don’t want the big day to come, only to have customers slowed down because your reps are looking up information and asking managers. Keep things streamlines by training employees on the deals and then providing cheat sheet notes they can refer to during most calls or replies. Make sure deals are clearly marked on the website and in emails so customers don’t have to reach out to customer service reps in the first place.

Plan for Mobile

A growing chunk of online business is being done through mobile. Make sure your customer representatives are familiar with the mobile site and how things look on the customer’s end to help with any questions that might arise.

2. Prepare for Increased Traffic

You don’t want your staff stressed and unable to handle too many requests. A well-prepared staff makes for a much happier and relaxed experience for the customer. You can plan backup support for times when calls spike with a virtual workforce set up to help with the holiday flux.

Integrate Live Chat

Having people available 24-7 during peak times will alleviate a lot of frustration for your customers. Questions about deals, technical issues and more can be handled by customer representatives. Your representatives can even juggle multiple chat conversations in order to keep customers working through issues simultaneously. If you don’t already have chat, now is a great time to integrate it. You can always remove the option after your busy time has slowed back down.

3. Prepare for Problems

Don’t assume everything will go smoothly, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Prepare for Increased Demand

Customers can get frustrated quickly with the stress and hype of the season. Prepare your reps to be professional and have a positive energy at all times. Work through possible scenarios and help your reps learn not to get frustrated with irritated, unreasonable or impatient customers. You want to empower your reps to be able to handle the problems thrown at them, so focus on professional development opportunities to train those leadership and problem-solving skills.

Be Courteous Always

No matter how frustrated the visitor, keep things professional and courteous. In a world of screenshots and viral experiences, you want your business to look good all the time. Plus, it doesn’t help to poke the bear. Try to offer help quickly and professionally no matter what the issue is. If you don’t know the answer a quick, “I’m not sure, let me look into that,” with a follow up response will help keep customers feeling cared for instead of impatiently waiting in the dark.

Focus on Speed with Accuracy

Speed is of the essence for times like Cyber Monday, so do your best to help streamline responses. Most people expect a response from a brand within an hour, even during non-business hours. While chat and phone are clearly for immediate responses, emails should be quickly responded to as well. The longer you let communication stall, the more frustrated or disinterested your customer or lead will get. Focus on quick resolution times as well. A survey report from Deloitte Global Contact Center found that getting accurate information quickly was the top answer for good customer service according to the customers.

4. Beef Up Security

When credit card numbers are flowing through in unusually large numbers, the potential for security breaches are also higher. You may have increased staff handling multiple tasks and things can slip through the cracks if extra care hasn’t been taken to prepare ahead of time.

Use Intensive Background Checks

Vet the new hires to make sure you know their background, credit history and criminal records. You have to feel confident that new hires are going to keep everything on the level when things are moving fast during the rush of Cyber Monday.

Inform and Train Your Reps

Provide extensive training to help your customer service reps understand security and fraud. You want to establish a set of practices and policies that protect your customers. It only takes one problem to give your business a very bad reputation, so this is not an issue you can afford to take lightly. Extensive security and fraud certification programs exist to help train your employees.

Make Sure Your Systems are Up-to-Date

From your computer systems to your workflow platforms, you need to ensure you are working with secure tools. Check with IT to make sure you have top notch firewall monitoring, adware, spyware and virus protection in place. Make sure all updates are completed well ahead of time in case there are bugs or glitches that need to be worked through. Prepare for Cyber Monday by starting automated systems that track the work and activity of your reps throughout the day.

With fast, accurate and secure customer service, you will be better prepared to handle the madness of the holiday shopping crowd. Get those strategies in place for security and quick assistance and you will be well on your path towards retail success.

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