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Arise Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Solutions

In a highly competitive, technologically advanced environment, business operations cannot be vulnerable, even to the slightest disruption. With traditional contact centres, network connectivity issues, severe weather events, or other situations can bring operations to a halt for hours or even days. If your business continuity and disaster recovery plans fail to provide stellar customer service in the face of events like these, your customers will take their business to your competitors.

Arise understands the importance of keeping communication lines open with your customers. We built our platform to be inherently resilient. Our leading business continuity solution in the contact centre industry provides clients with custom solutions to fit their needs. We provide access to a flexible network of geographically dispersed call centres and their agents and an unparalleled virtual telephony infrastructure.

Arise Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Solutions

Our Network, Your Safety Net: The Arise Crowd Is Everywhere

With our platform as your call center solution, you can rest easy knowing your company has 24/7 access to a vast network of tens of thousands of geographically dispersed service professionals ready to provide top-quality service to your clients.

Unparalleled Technology,

Arise has built a proprietary virtual infrastructure with multiple layers of redundancy to ensure continuity of service in the face of disaster. This means industry-leading uptime for our clients.

Customised Business Continuity Solutions to Fit Your Unique Needs

Every business is unique, and no two business continuity plans are the same. As an Arise client, we employ an extensive 4-Step BC/DR planning process to ensure all of your critical contact centre technology and related processes maintain operational and that your customers receive the same level of service in the event of an emergency.

Initial Analysis

During the initial analysis phase, our team gathers information to understand your organization’s current processes and structure to ensure a successful launch.

Program Development

Based on your organization’s structure, we develop corresponding procedures your critical business units. Working with your team, we will set up a comprehensive program to maintain your call center operations during an emergency.

Program Set Up & Configuration

In this phase, all of the necessary components will be tested and analyzed. This includes testing connectivity and security protocols.


Arise is now ready to launch and can begin engaging resources to service your customers in an unexpected downtime event.

Carnival Cruise Lines

case study

Proven Bc/dr Solutions With
Fortune 500 Companies

The Arise network’s flex capacity and ability to send urgent service requests to the call centers servicing the Carnival program produced an additional 60% capacity to handle more than 1,800 hours of customer service call volume.


In late 2012, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the northeastern coastline of the United States. Hurricane Sandy was the second costliest Atlantic hurricane in history, and with her path of destruction affecting 24 states, left millions without power and caused a number of disruptions across the travel industry. Carnival Cruise Lines had over nine sailings that were impacted by Sandy, and affected nearly 20,000 passengers with last minute cancellations, port of call changes, and shortened cruise itineraries. Carnival needed a partner who has the flex capacity to handle last-minute emergencies.


After closely monitoring the impact of the storm with the client, and understanding the necessary measures that needed to be taken, an urgent service request was issued and communicated to all service providers servicing the Carnival Program to ensure dedicated support in the time of crisis.

The Results

The ability of the Arise network to provide unparalleled flex capacity materialized into over 1,800 additional hours (a 60% increase over the locked forecast for that period).

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